EdTech Hub – Expressions of Interest for at-scale research 

Type of project: Project supporting access to education and low learning levels in schools in low-income countries which have made strides in expanding schooling in recent decades. The aim is to investigate the practical applications of EdTech, generate primary research, and develop recommendations to improve learning and education based on Technology to support personalised learning and teaching at the right level, in-service teacher professional development, structured pedagogy, and technology, technology to promote school participation, girls’ education and technology and technology to advance data use and decision making in education.

Location:  Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Tanzania

Eligibility:  Research teams led by highly qualified principal investigators based anywhere in the world but with strong and well-developed connections with local partners.

Grant size:  up to £ 750,000

Closing date:  11 April

Apply: https://edtechhub.org/research/call-for-expressions-of-interest-for-at-scale-research/