Dovetail Impact Foundation

Type of project:  Dovetail invests in organizations committed to human flourishing. We exclusively focus on organizations working in poverty alleviation, prioritizing the following four primary sectors: education, health, justice, and livelihoods. We look for three fundamental principles in organizations. First, high leverage: accomplishing a lot with a little. Second, scalable: the propensity to impact millions of people. And third, sustainable: over time their model is not wholly reliant on private philanthropy.

Location: Africa, India and Southeast Asia

Eligibility: Grant applications are accepted by invitation only, but you are welcome to introduce yourself by contacting us. We typically begin partnership with organizations whose operating budgets are between $500,000 and $5,000,000, and provide general operating support. The Foundation also has an annual call for proposals for locally led organisations with annual budgets under $300,000. See here for more information.