Dignity for All: LGBTI Assistance Program

Type of project:  A consortium of eight leading human rights and LGBTI organizations provides emergency assistance, advocacy funding and security support to human rights defenders and civil society organizations under threat or attack due to their work for LGBTI rights. The Program also supports targeted, time-bound advocacy campaigns to respond to threats or attacks on LGBTI human rights and human rights work, as well as assistance for individual victims or communities connected to funded advocacy campaigns. Security training is available to proactively assist organizations to continue their work more safely.

Location: Since 2012, Dignity for All has provided grants in 95 countries and territories

Eligibility: To qualify for emergency assistance, applicants must be under attack because of their work for LGBTI people or communities. Civil society organizations do not have to be officially registered to receive assistance but must be able to document at least six months of activism. Applications can be submitted in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian, Kiswahili, Turkish, Farsi, and Spanish.

Apply: https://www.dignitylgbti.org/