Connecting the Unconnected

Type of project:  The Connecting the Unconnected funding program supports communities and local organizations working to build and expand Internet infrastructure to connect people living in rural, remote, and low-income areas. This includes initiatives such as community networks, municipal networks, cooperatives, and other forms of complementary access solutions. Communities and local organizations can apply to either build a new complementary access solution to connect the unconnected, or to expand an existing one.

Location: Rural, remote, and low-income areas worldwide.

Eligibility: Communities and organizations that apply must have: A clearly identified person or organization responsible for carrying out the project through its completion and reporting. Support from the local community that will benefit from the new or expanded Internet infrastructure. A sustainability plan to ensure that the infrastructure built can stay operational in the long term. The goal of connecting the local infrastructure to the Internet. In addition, in order to receive funding, organizations must have an official bank account in their name.

Grant size: Up to $40,000

Closing date: 15 March