Commonwealth Foundation Open Grants Call 

Type of project: We support projects that seek to facilitate constructive engagement between civil society and decision makers, including civil society participation in policy development and decision-making. Funding priorities are: health justice, freedom of expression, climate justice.

Location: Commonwealth countries. Note that applicants from small and vulnerable states whose projects are not selected under this open call may be contacted to discuss other potential funding opportunities.

Eligibility: The applicant must be a not-for-profit civil society organisation (CSO) registered in an eligible Commonwealth Foundation Member State. The annual income of the applicant organisation, averaged over the past two years, must
be less than £2.5m. Applicant organisations that are currently implementing, or that have recently completed, a Commonwealth Foundation Grant but have not received their final payment, are not eligible to apply to this grant call.

Grant size: Up to £30,000 per year over maximum 2 years. This call is for specific project proposals. It means that the budget which is submitted must relate to the costs that will be incurred in implementing the proposed project. The Foundation does appreciate the importance of strengthening organisational capacity. Those applicants whose projects are shortlisted will therefore be invited to propose capacity-strengthening initiatives as part of their project’s budget, at up to 5% of the grant amount requested.

Closing date: 23 October