Citi Foundation

Type of project: The Citi Foundation’s 2024 Global Innovation Challenge seeks to provide catalytic funding to community organizations working in novel ways to address
homelessness. We invite proposals from community organizations either piloting or scaling a solution that directly impacts the lives of individuals, families and communities at risk of or experiencing homelessness. These ideas could include, but
are not limited to: Piloting or scaling a solution that seeks to enhance the current emergency shelter system, such as apps or platforms that connect individuals with available shelters in real time; Piloting or scaling a program that embeds financial coaching, counselling and/or  assistance to low-income individuals or families seeking to secure stable housing; Piloting or scaling a program that prioritizes stable housing as the first step, followed by connecting individuals and communities to additional support services such as medical services, mental health services, counselling or job training.

Location: Worldwide in communities where Citi has a presence. See page 3-4 here for a full list of eligible countries

Eligibility: Applicant organizations must be registered as nonprofit entities under local law. For example, for U.S. entities, applicants need to be tax-exempt public charities as
per Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Applicants must be able to submit their most recent externally audited financial statements, including auditor’s notes, covering part of calendar year 2022 or a subsequent year. Applicant’s proposed program must align with the Foundation’s mission of supporting low-income communities as defined by local standards and definitions. For this specific grant program, organizations working with fiscal sponsors are not eligible to apply.

Grant size: 50 24-month grants of $500,000 (USD)

Deadline to register: February 13. Deadline to apply once registered – February 29.

Apply: Citi Foundation Portal (