Al Madad Foundation

Type of project: AMF works to empower some of the world’s most vulnerable children and young people (up to age 24) by providing opportunities to heal, learn and grow. We award grants to organisations working in Education to serve our mission of addressing the needs of refugee and displaced children. Non-formal education is an area of interest for us but we will only contribute towards projects that are a new aspect of an existing programme which promotes integration into formal education or a career. Some examples might be language training for pupils who require this to attend public school, or vocational training with a clear pathway into a career.


Eligibility: Applicants must: be a registered charity in the country in which they are headquartered; be able to meet our reporting requirements; have a Child Protection Policy in place that conforms to the laws of the country in which they operate and a clear methodology that demonstrates that it is appropriately and consistently applied.

Grant size: £20,000 – £250,000. Please do not apply for the full amount of the grant unless you are absolutely sure it is all needed. The budget should include no more than 15% indirect costs.

Closing date: The autumn funding round will open at the end of August 2022