African Development Fund Climate Action Window
Type of Project: Climate mitigation actions in agriculture, forestry, land use, and fisheries; water access and wastewater management; energy access and renewable energy; transport and infrastructure; and green and sustainable finance. The priority cross-cutting themes include gender, youth, and social inclusion; biodiversity and nature-based solutions; enhancing climate governance; green public finance; and skills and capacity building.
Location: Africas 37 least developed countries
Eligibility: Governments and government entities of ADF countries, African Development Bank departments, regional or sub-regional intergovernmental bodies, non-sovereign entities. Proposals from consortia are allowed if all members of the consortium are eligible beneficiaries.
Grant Size: $3-5m per project
Closing Date: 8 July
Apply: ADF Climate Action Window: Mitigation Sub-window Call for Proposals – Call for Proposal (