There are over 300 partnerships between Wales and Sub-Saharan Africa and 30 Fairtrade community groups. We want to share our pride in our globally responsible Wales with the rest of the world.

To celebrate this solidarity and collaborative working between Africa and Wales, we are hosting our second Partnership Awards. Open to existing partnerships between Wales and Africa and Fairtrade groups in Wales, these awards will focus on solidarity, equity and shared learning.

There are three categories you may apply for:

  • Partnership Award
  • Future Generations Award
  • Individual Volunteer Award

All entries must be able to demonstrate equitable decision-making within their partnership:

  • How are important decisions made?
  • How do you ensure that the community you work with are fully involved in decision making?

This award focuses on the strength of the partnership. This can be between organisations in Wales and Africa, or partnerships between communities in Wales that have a focus on Global Solidarity. You may want to focus on one of the below points, or another aspect which you feel demonstrates the strength and equity of your relationship:

  • What approach do you take to ensuring that activities, campaigns or projects are devised and delivered collaboratively?
  • How do you approach accountability of your work together? How do you gather community feedback and make decisions based on it?
  • How do you ensure decision making is done by those who are most impacted by the work or narrative of the work?
  • If you partner with an African-based organisation, how do you recognise and prioritise in-country expertise and knowledge which leads your work?
  • Are you proud of being able to recognise, address and work through potential or actual conflicts together?
  • How do you share learning and reflect together?
  • Do you think your partner organisation is a strong example of an organisation who follows best practice and that others in the sector can learn from?

This award is interested in how partnerships embrace the spirit of the Well-being of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015. We are looking for projects which achieve objectives across social, economic, cultural and environmental areas. We are also looking for work which is designed to ensure a long term impact without ongoing support from the Welsh partner organisation.

Some examples of activities which would be eligible include:

  • Does your partnership work across themes such as education, health, environment and livelihoods in a way which ensures that different strands support each other? For example, a project bringing solar power to a school which allows for the wider community to access the internet at weekends.
  • Has your partnership worked to reduce its environmental impact while delivering project work. For example, have you reduced the amount of travel undertaken as part of your work?
  • Do you take a social justice approach to your work? Does your work focus on human rights, access, participation or equity? Do you support work which challenges the cause of problems as well as aiming to tackle the symptoms?
  • Do your projects have a built in exit plan which is designed by the community you work with?
  • Are you working successfully in Wales to promote global citizenship? Does your work have particular benefit to Wales, perhaps through education, economic opportunities, skills development or improvements in healthcare?

This award is to recognise the work of an individual volunteer, including trustees. We would like to hear how this individual is pushing for equity and supports others to reach their ambitions. We are looking to recognise an individual who may have worked to:

  • Support and promote expertise in a Sub Saharan Africa based organisation or community led initiative 
  • Increase accountability of the organisation(s) and partnership and is supporting positive change
  • Increase two-way learning and reflection within the partnership and with the wider community/stakeholders
  • make a positive impact within their community at home either in Wales or in Africa, against personal or social adversity
  • amplify a fair trade message through encouraging local fair trade partnerships

There will be other stories of individuals’ excellent work so please do not feel constrained to be above examples when nominating someone.

How to apply

  • Applications open: 21st March 2023

  • Applications close: 25th April 2023

  • Winners announced: 19th May 2023

If working in partnership, entries must be made collaboratively by both/all partners.

Each partnership should submit either the application form found below or by submitting a brief video.

Application Form [DOCX]

Video Application

Your video(s) should be no more than five minutes and include a person from each partnership speaking directly to the camera, meeting the following criteria:

  • Introduce yourself and the award category you are applying for (Partnership Award, Sustainability Award, or Individual Volunteer Award)
  • Why is your partnership and joint working equitable? Give an example of how decisions are made
  • Talk about the award category you have chosen. Why is your work a good example of that category?

Promotional videos will not be considered.

Please note: If sending a video application, you may need to share it via a third-party cloud platform e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, WeTransfer.

To apply, send an email to with the following information:

  • Application (either form or video)
  • Within the body of the email include:
    • Your name, phone number, organisation, your role within the organisation
    • Your partner organisation’s name, named person, their role within the organisation, and contact information.

General Criteria

You must be either a partnership between an organisation in Wales and an organisation in Africa and/or a Wales-based Fairtrade group.

If you are part of a partnership you must have been working together for more than 12 months and the application form must be submitted as a joint application.

Eligible organisations can be one of the below:

  • Registered charity
  • Non-governmental organisation
  • Constituted group
  • Community-based organisation
  • Educational institution
  • Religious institution
  • Social enterprise
  • Community interest company
  • Fairtrade group

We do not recognise individuals working alone under this award; they must be connected to a partnership.


Awards will be given for the winning partnership under each category. This will include:

  • Endorsement of your work by Hub Cymru Africa
  • A digital award badge that you can add to your website and social media
  • A Fairtrade hamper
  • A place on the panel at the Global Solidarity Summit on 23rd May to raise the profile of your partnership

Awards Case Studies

Should you and your partner be successful, we would like to create a case study to share your work. By submitting an application form, you agree to take part in a case study under the theme of the award(s).

If you are unsure if your partnership or either organisation are eligible, please contact

For questions on how we will work with you to develop a case study, contact

2022 Winners

Partnership Award
Mambakwedza Women’s Centre in Zimbabwe and Cardiff Metropolitan University
Partnership Award
Mambakwedza Women’s Centre in Zimbabwe and Cardiff Metropolitan University
Tunado (The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation) and Bees for Development
Tunado (The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation) and Bees for Development
Martha Musonza Holman, Love Zimbabwe

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Martha Musonza Holman, Love Zimbabwe

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