Invitation to tender for project review

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Invitation to tender for project review

Categories: NewsPublished On: 21st December, 202228.3 min read

If you have any queries about this tender please contact Tenders should be submitted in English to the above email address by 5pm on Thursday 19th January 2023.

1. Background

Hub Cymru Africa (HCA) is a partnership supporting the Wales Africa Community, bringing together the work of the Wales and Africa Health Links Network, the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel and Fair Trade Wales. We support and represent the international solidarity sector in Wales.

In 2021, Hub Cymru Africa (HCA) received funding through the Small Charities Challenge Fund Capacity Development Grant to support charities in Wales and their partners in Sub Sharan African countries to improve their practice and access to grant funding. We are looking for a consultant to review and evaluate the activities of this project “Springboard for Learning”.

2. Springboard for Learning

The Springboard for Learning project comes to an end in December 2022. In brief, the project intended to deliver:

The original Theory of Change written for the project can be found here: Springboard by Hub Cymru Africa. A summary review of the first 12 months of the project can be found here: Lessons from the Springboard Mid-point Review

Over the past 24months, since January 2021, the project has worked with 135 micro-charities, individuals, and community groups. The majority of these have been based in Wales, with about 50 being registered outside of the UK (these are predominantly individuals and organisations within Sub-Sharan African countries who have links with Wales based charities or organisations). The level of engagement has ranged from attending a one-off 1-hour webinar, to meeting with Hub Cymru Africa and peers once or twice a quarter for more in-depth conversations and/or training.

We would like to commission a review of the two-year project to understand the impact it has had.

This will involve reviewing participant feedback collected to date as well as conducting follow-up interviews with a sample of participants.

Through the review, we would like to understand if project participants have:

  • made changes in approaches to the planning/ management/ delivery of their work and/or partnership working
  • made changes in their approach to applying for funding

And if the project has resulted in

  • improved collaboration between groups involved with the project
  • more positive attitudes towards issues of solidarity and global citizenships

3. Evaluation requirements

Core questions to be addressed within the review be agreed but will focus on understanding any change created as a result of the project, including:

  • Success of project in creating learning opportunities
  • Effectiveness of project to support change in attitude, approach or practice
  • Summary of increased funding within the sector as result of the project
  • Ability of project to engage diverse audience
  • Effectiveness of the project in improving campaign audiences to understand Attitudes and Acts of Solidarity in Wales

4. Contract requirements

  • Work from home using own equipment at own cost
  • Fortnightly 30minute meeting with Project Manager, when necessary

You will need to conduct:

  • Review of data available summarising findings
  • 1 x learning and reflection workshop
  • 6 x Most Significant Change interviews

You will need to produce

  • Summary document with evaluation of impact, learning and recommendations

Support with admin of organising meetings with stakeholders will be provided by Hub Cymru Africa

5. Cost

Payment and contract conditions are made based on work produced, regardless of time spent.

There is a maximum of £1,500 to be paid to a consultant for this work.

No additional VAT nor personal overhead costs are payable. Any additional cost associated with delivering these activities are to be paid directly by HCA only with prior agreement.


The contract will be complete by the 28th February 2023 with no opportunity for extension.

The budget for this activity is £1,500.