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Leila Usmani, Lobbying and Influencing Officer at Race Alliance Wales, will share the findings of Deconstructing Unsafe Spaces, a 2023 report into how to create a truly inclusive workplace culture for racialised staff.

As co-author and research lead, Leila will discuss organisational culture, its contribution to racial challenges, and the role of inclusion, diversity, power dynamics and safe spaces. The focus will be on how these aspects apply to small and micro charities, but all with an interest in the subject are welcome to attend. Join us for this hour-long session to gain insights and learn what practical steps you can take to make your workplace more inclusive for all.

This reframing of the narrative session is inspired by Point 2 of Hub Cymru Africa’s Anti-Racism Charter: “We will use our positions to challenge racism where we see it, think critically about the racist structures we unknowingly uphold, and dismantle them.”

This event is part of the Reframing the Narrative project jointly run by Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel and Hub Cymru Africa.

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