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Using the THET GESI toolkit

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) are increasingly recognised as critical to meeting the ambitions set out in the SDGs and reaching the populations most in need.

In this session we will explore what GESI means, why it is important, and the tools that can be used to design and deliver more inclusive and equitable projects. Through a combination of presentations and practical exercises, you will have a chance to challenge yourself and others, before reflecting on the ways in which the concepts and tools shared in the session can be integrated in your work.

Please see THET GESI toolkit.


  • Summer Simpson, THET

Summer is the Communications Officer at THET where she works to raise awareness of the challenges faced in global health and the work being undertaken by Health Partnerships to create a healthier and more equal world for all. She is currently developing strategies for effective communication with varied stakeholders on the importance of addressing gender inequality across the world. She Co-Chairs THET’s Gender Equality Working Group which contributes to the organisation’s operational decision-making processes and helps shape its strategic priorities. Summer has previously undertaken research projects on the gendered impact of conflict and co-authored a chapter on women’s leadership in global health. She has delivered a series of workshops on the themes of equality and privilege.

  • Sara Mahjoub, THET

Sara is the Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning (MEL) and Policy Officer at THET where she supports the design of new programmes as well as provide technical advice and input to the monitoring, evaluation and learning of existing programmes. She ensures that external communications and policy work (at all levels) are informed by and accurately represent our evidence base. Sara has led internal trainings on the GESI Toolkit and helps teams integrate GESI into programmes and research at THET.

  • Raquel Perez, THET

Raquel is the External Engagement Coordinator at THET, working across communications, fundraising and business development. She is also co-Chair of THET’s Gender Equality Working Group, which drives organisational strategy and planning on how to mainstream gender across teams and programmes. Raquel has experience supporting the delivery of research and tool development in relation to Gender Equality in sub-Saharan Africa and in the UK, as well as facilitating workshops and discussions on GESI.

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