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Preparing Wales and Africa Grant Scheme Applications

All are invited to join the Fundraising Community of Practice for a free, informal, and friendly online group discussion. This quarter, we will look at the Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa Grant Scheme, as the closing date for the current round is 24th March 2023.

This is a peer-led session where small charities present case studies with real-life examples of changes made to previously unsuccessful applications that became successful on the second attempt. As a group, we will compare before-and-after sections of applications and learn together how to replicate others’ successes in our own applications.

The Fundraising Community of Practice does not always focus on the Wales and Africa Grant Scheme and will consider other funders in our next session. Hub Cymru Africa is neither the funder nor the grant manager – we have no inside knowledge and cannot answer questions about the application process, nor the priorities of the funder.

The Wales and Africa Grant Scheme is managed by Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA), who can be contacted by email at

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