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Have you signed up for Hub Cymru Africa’s Anti-Racism Charter? Or do you simply want advice on how to ensure that your work is minimising potentially unintended harm?

This 90-minute session co-hosted with the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel will introduce the Charter and what it aims to achieve. It will explain who can benefit from signing up to the Anti-Racism Charter; explore the history of the development sector and the challenges that the Charter is trying to address; summarise the twelve Charter Points and their principles; and show how the Charter is connected to the Welsh Government’s Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan.

Lucy Nkatha, Chair of Hub Cymru Africa’s Anti-Racism Community of Practice, and Nicola Pulman, Director of Size of Wales, will speak about what signing up to the Charter has meant to them, and attendees will be offered plenty of time to ask questions and request support.

Racism exists in the development sector as it exists in wider society. Therefore, we must acknowledge how it manifests and take action to address the negative impacts it can have on ourselves, our colleagues, and the communities we work with. The aid sector exists to alleviate poverty, but the power dynamics of aid can reinforce power structures and systems that grew through colonisation. We must recognise this, and work with our partners openly and honestly to address racism.

The Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa programme seeks to increase solidarity and partnership globally. It is not enough to be non-racist; we should move forward to be an actively anti-racist sector, ensuring we don’t perpetuate racist behaviours and systems when working with racialised communities, in Wales and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Anti-Racism Charter is for small charities and community groups based in Wales who work internationally, in particular with partner NGOs and community groups in Sub-Saharan Africa, on development or solidarity projects and activities.

We encourage all groups and individuals working in this sector to sign up and actively deliver the commitments in the Anti-Racism Charter. Hub Cymru Africa and the Sub Sahara Advisory Panel can support groups and individuals to realise the aims of the charter through the toolkit below and free annual training sessions.


10:00   Introductions and Housekeeping
10:10   Understanding the Anti-Racism Charter
10:25   Jane Hutt MS (pre-recorded) and Anti-Racist Wales
10:30   Lucy Nkatha, Chair of the Anti-Racism Community of Practice
10:40   Nicola Pulman, Director of Size of Wales
10:50   Q&A for Lucy and Nicola
11:00   Charter principles
11:10   Q&A for Hub Cymru Africa and the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel
11:20   Audience opinions and feedback
11:30   Poll and close

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