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Have you signed up for Hub Cymru Africa’s Anti-Racism Charter? Or do you simply want advice on how to ensure that your work is minimising potentially unintended harm?

These two-hour-long support sessions will walk you through the charter points and how to use the toolkit so that you can put the charter into action in your work.

This workshop is for micro/small charities, individuals and community links between Wales and Africa. We encourage you to bring your partners to this free session.

Session 3 will focus on the below charter points:

5. We are an organisation that welcomes critical feedback, with a view to learning and improving our work. We will act without defensiveness or negative repercussions for those highlighting racist or colonial practices and create accountability mechanisms within our work

9. We will ensure all work takes a social justice approach, to promote the self-sufficiency of all partners including equity in opportunities

10. We will always promote sustainability (Social, Human, Economic and Environmental) in our work, and partnerships

11. We will consider the wider global injustices in our work and consider the negative impact of our actions on the climate and environment and mitigate them, acknowledging that the people with the lowest carbon footprint are the ones that feel the greatest impact

12. We will commit to involving our partners, board, volunteers and broader audience in our work on this charter.


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