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Have you signed up for Hub Cymru Africa’s Anti-Racism Charter? Or do you simply want advice on how to ensure that your work is minimising potentially unintended harm?

These two-hour-long support sessions will walk you through the charter points and how to use the toolkit so that you can put the charter into action in your work.

This workshop is for micro/small charities, individuals and community links between Wales and Africa. We encourage you to bring your partners to this free session.

Session 2 will focus on the below charter points:

2. We will use our positions to challenge racism where we see it, think critically about the racist structures we unknowingly uphold, and dismantle them

3. We will work in a manner which recognises and prioritises in-country expertise and knowledge to lead our work and support this with an equitable pay structure

6. We will review all of our policies regularly, with an anti-racist and intersectional lens and seek expert help when needed

8. We will adopt appropriate and thoughtful language, storytelling and images. We recognise that they have meaning, can cause harm and can reinforce racism

Future sessions will focus on other charter points.

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