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Are you curious about the connection between race, gender and wellbeing? This workshop will explore the importance of wellbeing for diaspora women and share ways to improve your own well being practices.

Statistics show that in comparison to women of other races; women of colour in Wales and the UK are more likely to experience a common mental health condition.

Our wellbeing is fundamental to our health as well as our overall happiness, and so understanding ways of supporting and improving wellbeing in the communities is vitally important.

Join us for this workshop by Star Moyo, an expert in trauma therapies, personal coaching, executive and organisational coaching and, equality and diversity consulting.

Following this workshop, attendees will learn of the importance of wellbeing for diaspora and women of colour, and gain practical skills on what can be done to support diaspora women and women of colour. Furthermore, we will be discussing what wellbeing means globally and what can be done to ensure women’s wellbeing at the global level.

This event is a collaboration between Hub Cymru Africa, WeNpower and SSAP.

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