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Microfinance, village savings and loans schemes, and social enterprise as pathways to sustainability.

In this Shared Learning Event, we will hear the direct experience from organisations running microfinance schemes in Africa. Microfinance refers to financial services (e.g. loans, savings, insurance, social enterprise schemes) provided to individuals or groups who are typically excluded from formal or traditional banking. These schemes are used widely in different contexts with the goal of improving livelihoods and resilience to shocks.

  • What are some of the different frameworks that are used for village savings and loans schemes?
  • What are the considerations in setting up these schemes, and what are the challenges, successes, impact, and key learnings from those who have used them?
  • What adaptations have been made during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how has this impacted the ability of the groups to continue?
  • How are they linked to social enterprise schemes to amplify impact?
  • How can this reduce dependence on aid?

There will be short presentations, a panel discussion, a Q&A, and key resources will be shared. Please submit any questions for the panel to

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