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Dialogue Days | #ReframingTheNarrative

A series of workshops providing a safe and brave space to discuss issues around race and post-colonialism.

Within all situations, power dynamics play a role in our interactions. Often, nuances of power and privilege can go undetected by ourselves, particularly when working overseas or within an unfamiliar context. Not addressing this imbalance, often has negative impacts on our relationships, partnership working and project effectiveness.

While international aid professionals seek long-term solutions to enhance human rights and well-being, it’s often forgotten that the foundation that underlies all forms of aid practice is a structural imbalance of power relations and distribution, many of which have been historically utilised for harm. This context demands that development practitioners actively practice self-reflection to understand our power and privilege within international development work.

To work in solidarity, we must first deepen our personal and organisational understanding. Through this session, we will discover together how our privilege shows up in different situations and provide tools to support the work you do to put decision making power in the right place.

These events are for volunteers, trustees and staff based in Wales and working internationally looking to develop their personal or organisational approach to racial equity and power relations. Part of the Reframing the Narrative project, this series of workshops follow the Decolonising Development webinars hosted by the Sub-Saharan Advisory Panel (SSAP) and Hub Cymru Africa (HCA) in the summer of 2020, and the Reframing Film Narrative screenings hosted by HCA and Watch Cymru Africa in December 2020.

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