Fundraising Resources

Whether you’re looking to increase your community fundraising or are applying to grant-giving organisations, trusts and foundations – here you’ll find support, hints & tips.

A beginner’s guide to help get started with planning your fundraising approach and making the most out of your time. This tip sheet will help you to identify your Fundraising priorities.

Many Trusts, Foundations and grant giving organisations ask for a letter or concept note in application for funds. This tip sheet introduces you to the key ideas you should include in an open application.

Remember to always follow the guidance of the specific organisation you are applying to.

It is important that you consider your legal compliance when fundraising, especially when taking donations from the public. Follow the two links below to ensure that you are fully informed.


Notably, “you and the fundraising materials you use must not mislead anyone, or be likely to mislead anyone, either by leaving out information or by being inaccurate or ambiguous or by exaggerating details.”

So, give consideration to how you communicate your fundraising ask and what you will do with funds raised if you cannot complete the activity (for example, don’t raise enough funds for a project).

This guide from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising Wales/Cymru gives an introduction to fundraising from trusts & foundations.

This guide from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising Wales/Cymru gives 5 tips to make your funding application stand out.

This guide from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising Wales/Cymru gives 5 quick top tips for managing relationships.

There are lots of organisations and websites that can help you find funders. You can see our list here to find more funding opportunities.

Free-access funding opportunities

Hub Cymru Africa Funding Page – A free list of funding sources relevant to those working in International Development. Updated monthly. – Free list of funding opportunities by closing deadline. – free funding search platform created by Third Sector Support Wales. You can search hundreds of grant and loan finance opportunities from local, national and international sources.  From small grants to large capital projects we can help you find the funding you need. – Free list of global development funders. – a free online directory of grant schemes and application deadlines – free online servicing offering information about grants available across UK and further afield. – Charity Commission website – will include information about all registered charities. – Free Information about grant givers and charitable trusts.

Paid-for access to funding opportunities – a specialist online directory which includes information about 4,500 trusts and foundations, full analysis of each trust’s annual report and accounts, guidelines and application procedures and lists of recent beneficiaries. Cost for this is £295 ex VAT for an annual subscription – subscription service similar to which has information about community and trust grants within the UK and further afield. They offer a 7-day free subscription. – subscription service providing information about local, regional and national funding schemes. – subscription service providing information about grants schemes. They offer an initial free taster and one-month subscription (£40) to see if it will be suitable for you. – Directory of Social Change subscription service where you can access funding for individuals and organisations from grant-making charities, companies and statutory providers, all in one place. Offers both weekly and yearly subscriptions. – Document listing Invisible Grant Makers 2019. £150 for a PDF copy.