Benefitting from Volunteer Support

Are you looking for a volunteer to help your organisation with a specific task or role?

The Hub Cymru Africa Volunteer Programme offers Wales Africa and Fair Trade groups the opportunity to be matched with new volunteers who can help you with your work. Hub Cymru Africa will support you in helping the volunteers develop their skills and knowledge of the Wales Africa sector.

Take a look at the volunteer page to see the range of volunteering roles we are offering.

Hub Cymru Africa will:
  • Help you define the volunteering role
  • Seek to identify a volunteer committed to fulfilling the role, with matching skills and interests
  • Offer support in ensuring you have appropriate policy and procedure for the safeguarding and development of your volunteer
  • Keep in touch with the volunteer regularly during their placement, to record their experience and progress
About you

To be eligible to apply for a volunteer through the Hub Cymru Africa volunteer programme, you must:

  • Be based in Wales
  • Represent a Welsh organisation or group which is focused on sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa or on promoting Fair Trade
  • Have a clear idea about the role or task you would like a volunteer to do. The role must be based in Wales.
  • Have the backing and support of your organisation at the highest level for this volunteering request
  • Be committed to using the opportunity to develop a quality experience for the volunteer and follow good practice in safeguarding and development of the volunteer.

To take part in the Hub Cymru Africa volunteer programme, complete and return the Volunteer Request form.