We are pleased to offer this free workshop to individuals, groups and charities working in global solidarity in the Wales and Africa Community.

The workshop will help participants work more effectively in solidarity using digital and online tools. The workshop will include a mixture of presentations, videos, discussions and case studies.

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • understand how different communities in Africa can practically access the internet
  • know what technologies can be employed easily, including small-scale renewable energy, and how much they cost
  • understand the barriers to internet access experienced by some groups and the risks of online working making inequalities worse.

Case Studies:

  • Siavonga District Education Board, Zambia working with Giakonda Solar Schools in Wales
  • Cecilia Nyaga, consultant working with Kibwesi Disabled People’s Organisation in Kenya and Responsible Assistance in Wales
  • Either Joylene and other community centre users in Chinamhora, Zimbabwe working with Love Zimbabwe
  • Teachers in Chomuzangari School working with Chomuzangari Women’s Co-operative

This is the first of three workshops to help the Wales and Africa community make better use of digital tools.

This workshop is delivered as part of Hub Cymru Africa’s project on optimising the use of digital tools in the Wales and Africa Community.

This event is part of a project funded by the Waterloo Foundation.