2022 Winners

Partnership Award
Mambakwedza Women’s Centre in Zimbabwe and Cardiff Metropolitan University
Partnership Award
Mambakwedza Women’s Centre in Zimbabwe and Cardiff Metropolitan University
Tunado (The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation) and Bees for Development
Tunado (The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation) and Bees for Development
Martha Musonza Holman, Love Zimbabwe
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Martha Musonza Holman, Love Zimbabwe
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There are over 300 partnerships between Wales and Sub Saharan Africa working in solidarity and promoting sustainable development. Join us as we celebrate solidarity and collaborative working between Africa and Wales.

We’re hosting Hub Cymru Africa’s first-ever Partnership Awards. Open to partnerships existing between Wales and Africa, these awards will focus on solidarity, equity and shared learning.

There are three categories you may apply for:

  • Partnership award
  • Sustainability award
  • Individual volunteer award

All partnerships must be able to demonstrate equitable decision-making between both partners in the partnership:

  • How are important decisions made?
  • How do you ensure that the community you work with are fully involved in decision making?

This award focuses on the strength of the partnership. You may want to focus on one of the points below, or another aspect that you feel demonstrates the strength and equity of your relationship:

  • What approach do you take in ensuring that activities and projects are devised and delivered collaboratively?
  • How do you approach the accountability of your work together? How do you gather and make decisions based on Community Feedback?
  • How is expertise, skills and knowledge within Sub Saharan Africa recognised, utilised and compensated for?
  • Are you proud of being able to recognise, address and work through potential or actual conflicts together?
  • How do you share learning and reflect together?

How do you work in partnership to sustain the outcomes of the project beyond the interventions and ensure it is owned by those it is impacting? Consider both in terms of the Sub Saharan Africa based organisation’s work within the community, and the Wales-based organisation in the partnership. Some examples of activities that could be seen as focusing on challenging dependency culture include:

  • Taking a social justice approach to your work. Does your work focus on human rights, access, participation or equity? How will this approach minimise the importance of your role in the long term?
  • Do your projects have a built-in ‘exit plan’ which is designed by the community you work with?
  • Is the communication of your work focused on ethical storytelling? Focusing on informed consent and allowing participants to use their own voice to tell their own stories?
  • Have you and your partner(s) openly discussed an exit strategy? Will the Wales-based organisation be looking to reduce its involvement over the next 5 to 10 years to become a conduit for funding? How are you ensuring that the Sub Saharan African partner is left in a position of strength?
  • Is impactful decision making is already the basis of your partnership? How does that look? What can others learn from your example?
  • Have you focused on financial or organisational sustainability? Are you working together to ensure that the Sub Saharan Africa based partner has the right governance or is financially independent beyond the partnership?

This award is to recognise the work of an individual volunteer from either partner organisation. We would like to hear how this individual is pushing for equity and supports others to reach their ambitions. We are looking to recognise an individual who may have worked to:

  • Support and promote expertise in Sub Saharan Africa based organisation / Support and promote community-led initiatives
  • Increase accountability of the organisation(s) and partnership and is supporting positive change
  • Increase two-way learning and reflection within the partnership and with the wider community/stakeholders
  • Worked against personal or social adversity to make a positive impact within their community at home either in Wales or in Africa.

There will be other stories of individuals’ excellent work so please do not feel constrained to be above examples when nominating someone.


Awards will be given for the winning partnership under each category to go towards time and/or advice from expert consultants. Please note that no cash funds will be given. Winning partnerships will be able to decide one of the below areas they would like financial support with as a prize:

  • Fundraising
  • Communications
  • Photography and film
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Strategy and governance
  • Financial management

Expert consultants will not be Hub Cymru Africa staff and could be based in either Wales or Africa. With each prize, initial consultation with HCA will identify priorities and support can be given on either training or delivery of service. For example, if you were to select “fundraising” you may choose to receive training for both organisations on developing strategies for a public-giving campaign. Or you may decide that you have the skills but that time is an obstacle and so the consultant may develop and submit a grant application in collaboration with the partnership.

Awards Case Studies

Should you and your partner be successful, we would like to create a case study to share your work. By submitting an application form, you agree to take part in a case study under the theme of the award(s).

If you are unsure if your partnership or either organisation are eligible, please contact advice@hubcymruafrica.org.uk.

For questions on how we will work with you to develop a case study, contact communications@hubcymruafrica.org.uk.