Hub Cymru Africa, funded by the Welsh Government, is proud to present this year’s mentoring programme to Advance the capacity of organisations in Wales working on global solidarity programmes in Africa.

This programme aims to enhance established organisations success through dedicated access to support, funding and professional advice.

This programme could help you and your organisation:

  • Reach your goals: develop and deliver new activities through a year of co-production against your own activity plan
  • Fund capacity enhancing activities: with up to £750 available to use for events, training or travel to achieve your goal
  • Meet peers and experts: get advice relevant to your own organisation’s development
  • Be supported throughout: access to a one-to-one mentor

Download full guidance

Download easy read guidance

Is my organisation eligible?

The Advance programme is open to any Wales-based international-development organisations working in solidarity with African partners (where relevant) to create and deliver innovative solutions for communities living in poverty.

The Hub Cymru Africa Advance programme is open to any Wales-based international-development organisations working in solidarity with African partners, and Fair Trade groups, to support innovative solutions for communities living in poverty and campaigns which continue to connect with people in Wales.

If you want to refine, rethink, expand or improve what you do, then the Advance programme could be for you with its in-depth approach to working together over a year.

It is completely flexible and can include a range of activities to support you, including advancing your communication skills; improving financial and risk management; enhancing strategy and governance; developing new fundraising skills; partnership and needs assessments; monitoring evaluation accountability and learning activities; anti-racist approaches or campaign design.

Your organisation or group must be based in Wales, and already leading a project or campaign, or if working in Africa, have realistic and tested pilot plans, a partner in Africa and be ready to start.

About you
  • You live in Wales
  • You represent, either as a volunteer or staff member, an organisation which is focused on sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa, or a campaign group focussed upon Fair Trade
  • Your organisation or group has a clear idea of what you want to achieve through the Advance programme
  • You have the backing and support of your organisation or group at the highest level
  • You and at least one other representative could co-develop with Hub Cymru Africa a joint activity plan to implement over the next year to achieve your goal
  • You are committed to working together on a month-by-month basis over a year to achieve your goal(s), whether that’s attending conferences, training or co-producing through virtual meetings with your mentor]
  • You want to work in collaboration with a mentor to reach productive solutions and are open to feedback, new ideas and productive criticism (Your mentor’s role is to listen, clarify, reflect, challenge and give feedback to support you be effective within your organisation).
About your organisation
  • Your organisation or group is based in Wales
  • You have a partner organisation which you work with in Sub-Saharan Africa or, you run a Fair Trade campaign in Wales
  • You have experience of delivering projects with your African partner and a current partnership agreement, or you have delivered a Fair Trade campaign in Wales
  • You have appropriate governance arrangements in place
  • Your organisation is NOT in crisis, but is interested in doing something differently or gaining fresh insights.

Please do NOT apply if:

  • You only want the financial support and do not want to participate in the co-production and mentoring aspects of the
  • You only plan to run a one-off project, event or campaign (these activities may be eligible to apply for funding through the WCVA’s Wales for Africa Small Grants programme).
  • Your project will be undertaking any party political or proselytising
  • You plan to use your grant fund for existing salary costs or organisational overheads

Download full guidance

Download easy read guidance

The programme at a glance

Advance: 1 day a month mentoring support plus £750 towards organisational development to help you achieve your own goals

Light: A compact offer for smaller organisations offering 1/2 day a month mentoring plus £375 towards organisational development

Campaigner: For Fair Trade Groups, offering ½ day mentoring a month plus £375 towards organisational development

How can you apply

  • Download the form
  • Email the form before the deadline to

  • Don’t forget to attach any supporting documents (optional)

  • Please do not submit your application after the deadline of 5pm on Monday 31st May 2021 as it will not be considered. Under exceptional circumstances, and with prior consent, we may grant approval to submit an application late, however you need to call in advance to discuss this

Click here to download the application form

Further information

If you would like to discuss the Advance programme and your ideas for what you might achieve throughout a year within the programme, please contact us via email at and request a conversation or share your questions in writing.