European Network for Citizen Initiatives for Global Solidarity

On the 17th of October 2021, a group of 10 European organisations established the European Network for Citizen Initiatives for Global Solidarity. This network aims to support and develop the movement of citizen initiatives for global solidarity in Europe. A movement of citizen initiatives of which many focus on the eradication of poverty. The network will be a European platform for all those that in one way or another support such citizen initiatives in global solidarity and believe in citizen-driven development.

Citizen initiatives for global solidarity are organisations that promote solidarity and partnering between European citizens and citizens elsewhere in the world. The shape in which these initiatives arise are very diverse, but in most countries, they are small citizen-driven development initiatives. Such organisations exist in all European countries. Citizen initiatives support their partners in the world to achieve their own development objectives. The work of all these initiatives helps to further human rights and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals worldwide.

The European network for Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity consists of organisations that research, fund, train, lobby for, promote or enable exchange between citizen initiatives for global solidarity. The purpose of the new network is to enable the exchange of knowledge between its members. Through this exchange, the members are enabled to improve their; funding, training, networking and lobby practices and increase the understanding of the movement of citizen initiatives in Europe.

The network that is established now in 6 countries invites all funders, capacity builders, local, regional and national authorities, government agencies, national unions, networks and research institutions in Europe who take a keen interest in and support citizen initiatives for global solidarity, to support the mission of this network and join it.

List of founding and associated members:

For more information please contact the temporary secretariat of the network at:

European Network for CIGS
tao: ErnstJan Stroes
Piet Mondriaanlaan 14
3812 GV Amersfoort
The Netherlands

tel: +31 (0)33-204 5542

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